Monday, March 12, 2012

I know it sounds crazy but...

...I'm not ready for winter to be over yet!

Isn't that just the craziest thing you've ever heard?

I feel like there is so much more to experience in Finland in winter. We didn't get to take a dog sled ride. We haven't gone show shoeing. We'd love to get back to the tubing place. Joey wants to ski more. Lily wants to skate more. (Sam? Well summer can't come fast enough for Sam!)

Lily skates 2

(This is Lily on probably our last day of skating on groomed ice. The rink at the railway station closes this weekend :( ).

I'm not ready for quiet walks in the snow to be over...

walk in woods

bridge in winter

I'll miss our excursions to the best sledding hill...

Climbing to a good hill

Lots of Finns have told me that winter is definitely NOT over. And I get that. Really I do. After all, I'm from Chicago. We can get major snowstorms that dump a foot of snow on us in March.


But you can't deny that April is just around the corner and soon it's time to say goodbye to winter in Finland.



  1. I foresee many winter trips to Door County in your future! And no, it doesn't sound crazy in my book! LOVE the photos--missing you all!

  2. I never ever ever dreamt I'd hear you say that!! Haha! Your winter photos are spectacular though! And I can see your children are positively thriving in this new country! LOVE that shot of Lily, laughing! Super awesome!