Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beautiful Bergen--gateway to the fjords!

bergen from mt 2

This is some seriously gorgeous country around here.

bergen canoe

I didn't know that Bergen is usually cloudy and rainy.

bergen water scene

We had a cloudy day (and a half), but mostly, it was just stunningly beautiful.

bryggen sun 2

I think I could actually use the phrase "achingly beautiful"--whether the weather was cloudy, or not.

bergen cloudy day

We took the funicular to see the city from the top of the mountain,


funicular path

(Can you see the path and the station at the top of the mountain?)

We were treated to beautiful views, excellent hiking and even a little bit of canoeing on a mirror-like lake.

bergen boys in canoe

We hiked back down to town on foot.

potty break

(Potty break.)

And then explored Bryggen.

bryggen sun 5

These (really old) buildings are shifting and sinking, but they are being preserved as well for their historical importance and beauty.

bryggen sun bldg

Check out the condition of this doorway.

joey in crooked door

Our hotel was right across from Bryggen (the old buildings), the fish market and the souvenir stalls.

fish market

The kids weren't too thrilled with the fish market and the whale steaks, 

sam and fish

but they loved the souvenir stalls!

joey in hat

I think we are ready for crazy hat day at our house!

crazy hats

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