Sunday, July 15, 2012

Changing Tastes

It's funny how your tastes change the longer you've lived somewhere.

We've only lived in Finland for seven months, and still, my tastes have changed.

I already loved Marimekko when I arrived in Finland. In fact, for many years, I've had a piece of Marimekko fabric hanging in some part of my house.


That iconic poppy print hanging in the window (printed in many, many shades) is loved by thousands around the globe--me included. The question is...did you know Marimekko is a Finnish company?

I wasn't, however, immediately in love with the Iittala glass products that are ubiquitous here in Finland.

ittala votives

The clean, simple lines sold at steep, steep prices just didn't do anything for me.

That was then.

This is now.

I have converted.

yellow ittala glass

After sipping wine out of beautiful Iittala wine glasses, or sneaking cookies and candy out of Iittala candy dishes, how can you not come to love this glasswork that is oh-so-Finnish?

ittala candy dish

I especially love the Aalto vase.

"Since its unveiling in 1937 at the Paris World's Fair, the Aalto vase has been an international sensation. Its mysterious shape has been the subject of much speculation; some say it is based on Aalto's sketches entitled, "The Eskimo Woman's Leather Breeches." Others speculate that the fluid shape might be inspired by the lines of the Finnish landscape."  (from

For me, the vase reminds me of the islands scattered around the Baltic Sea.

ittala vases

If you want to know how the vase is made, click here:

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