Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Commercial Break

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program... talk about Finnish snow pants.

The snow pants here are fan-freaking-tastic. No wonder why I see parents at the park with their little ones (as young as 1 or 2) on even the coldest, snowiest days. With Finnish snow pants, there's no getting wet and certainly no getting cold.

I brought a pair of hand-me-down snow pants for Lily and on the first outing, I realized that they were just not going to do the trick in the wet, heavy snow. So the next day, we ventured out to our local mall and made an investment in snow pants for Lily.

(It has snowed at some point during the day every day since we arrived in Helsinki. Usually, the temperature is in the high 20s. There are probably 8 inches of snow on the ground right now.)

Finnish children wear snow pants all the time. Now that we have them, I put snow pants on Lily every time we go out too.

Here's what I mean:

There are these great adjustable suspenders that are removable for washing.

back suspenders

front suspenders

They are high-waisted, so snow can't get up through your coat and down through the pants. Plus, there are elastic adjustments on the inside of the waist (a plus for my skinny Minny). They are roomy so jeans don't bunch up when you put your legs inside.

back view

front pants

The bottom of the pants have straps so that they stay inside the boots. There is an inner pant leg to tuck inside the boot and a wider pant leg that goes on the outside of the boot and then Velcros tightly around the boot. No snow in the boots!

foot area

side view

Reflectors on the pants add an extra bit of safety on those dark walks to school.

Most of all, they are waterproof and WARM. Lily has never once complained about being cold!

Now, who wants me to bring a pair of Finnish snowpants home for their little one?


  1. Very cute snowpants.....Lily is adorable!!!

  2. And I have managed to sign up with your blog under yahoo and google.....couldnt remember which one then couldnt remember my log in stuff......I am so retarded when it comes to computer stuff. Didnt want you to think that I'm too much of a stalker. Anyways love your blogs!!!!!

  3. Wowee - VERY "Cool". Lily makes such a beautiful model, too! Why don't they sell snowpants like that here?? I would be all over that. You should bring the technology home with you...

  4. So, am I to understand if I acquire these snowpants (which are very cool by the way) then we will welcome the winter and no longer hibernate? I think these snowpants might solve how Chicagoans embrace winter. Just sayin. There's a market here (I need 3 pairs for my family o five, one for myself of course) and we should get going on the outdoor cafe with heating lamps. Kevin and I LOVED that part of Norway. rosemary

  5. Lily is so sweet!! Love her snow pants. We get similiar ones here in Canada and Lilah wears them
    You're right, kids never complain about the cold when they are bundled up like this. That's why they embrace winter much better than us adults! I've looked at buying a pair for myself, but just can't seem to do it!

  6. Too true! I ended up getting a snow suit for Marieka. And wait until you see their SPRING RUBBER SUITS!! They are absolutely will see kids happily playing in puddles in March and not a bit wet.

    1. You've managed to pick a good brand too! I don't know how long you are staying in Finland, but is the Finnish ebay and you can find a lot of good quality second hand winter clothes there too.