Monday, January 30, 2012

Senate Square

We made an impromptu stop at Senate Square the other day.  I was soooo bummed I didn't have a different lens on my camera.  I couldn't fit the entire Tuomiokirkko in my shot!  The white building set against that blue sky was just breathtaking!  I had to settle for some close-up shots of the details!

Tuomiokirkko 2

Tuomiokirkko detail;

Tuomiokirkko 3

Tuomiokirkko columns

Tuomiokirkko 4

It was gorgeous on this beautiful blue sky, clear (but cold) day.  Kids were sliding down the steep steps that had only been shoveled in a few spots to climb to the top.  While the pictures of the boys sliding down aren't that great, I think you can see who my daredevil is and who my catious child is! 

joey on steps

Joey steps

Sam on steps

And, there were a bride and a groom at the top to boot! 

I can't wait to come back here in the summer. 

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  1. I am loving reading your blog! As the Fulbrighter in Helsinki last year, my heart is soaring seeing the photos of the blue sky and the church (we just lived 6 blocks from there!) I also love seeing your apartment...I only had one child, but it is truly an experience squeezing into such a small space, isn't it? I had a similar experience- great for kids?? HUH? Can't wait to follow your adventures more!