Friday, January 13, 2012

Home away from home

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about our accomodations here in Helsinki before we arrived. The size alone...750 square feet...had me a bit worried. In reality, it's not bad AT ALL. In fact, the layout is perfect. The kids have their own room (which I didn't photograph) with a place for their books and toys. We also have a "family closet" in their room which houses our 14 outifts. (We brought 14 outfits for each person to cover winter, spring and summer seasons.)

Family closet

The living room doubles as the "master bedroom." That lovely blue couch pulls out to a bed for Rob and I.'s not too bad. It's quite comfortable! Besides the furniture shown here, this room has a t.v. and a place for all of the games we brought, a desk and a small love seat which is terribly uncomfortable and useless!

Family room

The kitchen/dining room is quite spacious and has already housed several family game nights since the kids won't return to school until the 16th.


kitchen 2

Although we haven't seen much sun here in Helsinki, the apartment is filled with light during the day because each room has huge windows on one wall. It's bright, colorful and clean and within walking distance of school, work, church and shopping (more on that later). What more could we ask for?

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