Friday, January 20, 2012


We are a loud family.

Most of you reading this blog already know that.

In Chicago, we are a loud family in a loud city, so we can get away with it (sort of).

In Finland, I feel like we are Will Farrell...playing a library...with a megaphone...on a loudspeaker...turned to highest volume.

Finns are reserved. Softspoken. Quiet.

WE ARE A LOUD FAMILY (shouting).

I find myself constantly shushing my children, my husband and sometimes, the noises of the apartment (because it has already become such a habit).

I've noticed when Finns walk down the street (even with children), you can barely hear them speaking to each other.

When WE walk down the street, there is laughing, giggling, arguing, talking (loudly of course) whining, sometimes crying, and more laughing. At any given time, three of the five of us are talking at the same time.

Even at the sledding hill, we are, by far, the loudest people there. How can you not slide down the side of a hill and squeal with delight? Or yell to the person at the bottom of the hill "hey, bring me the sled."

It's been snowing a lot the past few days. I thought that maybe the snow would muffle THE LOUD FAMILY walking down the street, but I'm pretty sure you can hear us coming from a couple of blocks away.


  1. Maybe the Finns will come to see/hear it for what it is-joy American-style! Lynne

  2. I am getting the biggest kick out of your blog Mar. I log in every day to see how things are going. Thanks for doing this!

  3. Just imagine if we were there with you! Ha! 12 LOUD Reynolds walking down a Finnish street!

  4. I feel your pain...I always felt WE were the loudest people, especially at parks. We had the advantage of having an Italian family that we befriend, and a Mexican family. So, we heard children yelling and we knew it was definitely one of ours. I love the Finns, but the silence is...quiet.