Monday, June 18, 2012


A few months ago, I asked my Finnish readers to suggest places we should visit before we return to the States.

And let me tell you, they were very generous with their suggestions!  I made a list of the places we thought would be interesting for both adults AND kids and we have been visiting a few each week.  Last weekend we visited Nuuksio and Hanko. This weekend we spent one very rainy day inside and visited the Seurasaari outdoor museum on the other day.


Seurasaari is (another) island in Helsinki that houses an open air museum. Old wooden buildings from many parts of Finland were transplanted to Seurasaari beginning in 1909 and now, visitors can wander through the island to see the buildings--some are open for inside viewing as well.

tenant farm

What strikes me most about these buildings is how similar they are to buildings built in the midwest in the 1700s and 1800s.

red building

The buildings below were used for storage in Lapland (the area way up north in Finland in the Arctic Circle).

lapland storage buildings

lapland building

This little log building was a cow herders shelter. 

log building

No, Sam has not grown that much since we arrived here. The doorway was just really low!

In fact, we wondered about just how tall the Finns of yesteryear were because we saw many low doorways and short little beds like this:

short beds

Turns out, these beds expand. At night, you pull them out.  During the day, you push them back in.  Why don't we have something like this now? 

And I'm sure there is some reason why stilts were available for use.  There must have been some practical application for stilts back then.  But I'll let you google that because I'm tired. 

joey on stilts

I'm pretty sure the stilts are not supposed to be crossed in the back, but hey it worked for Joey! 

kids in stocks 2

These are the stocks they would have used many years ago to hold someone captive so that they could have been ridiculed by the townspeople.  Today, they are a good way to calm your children. 

But my favorite photo of the whole day?

candle holder 2

I seriously love this candle holder and sooooo want one of these in my house. Love it!

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