Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The rest of the islands...

Oh I am terribly behind! I have several weeks worth of photos to edit and post--we have been busy! At this rate, I will be posting photos about our Finnish experience after we have returned home.

joey wheel

Let's get back on course...here is a quick look at the rest of our trip to the Aland Islands.

I really fell in love with the vegetation on the islands. In particular, the sedums were in full bloom and they were magnificent. These photos don't even come close to capturing their beauty.


The forest floor was covered with blooming sedum.


forest floor sedums

Wildflowers were blooming everywhere.

purple flowers

There were also slugs everywhere...yuk.


Even the rain couldn't dampen the beauty of this quiet island.

fishing shanties water 2

shack plus anchor

fishing shanties

lily and sam on rocks

The best way to warm up after a walk in the rain? Grilli and s'mores!


Before we got back on the boat to return to mainland Finland, we checked out an old sailing vessel.


sam wheel 2

Then we boarded the boat for the five hour journey back to Turku for the last leg of our trip.

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