Thursday, June 28, 2012

I swore I'd never do it...

I swore I would never go...there.

I'm not a big fan of places like that.

So I swore I would never go.

Then Rob went there--to that place--for a work-related meeting no less--and he said it was really "no big deal." 

And then a few days later, somebody on Facebook said that it was a good place to go for a great view of Helsinki--for just a few euros.

So one morning, when Rob was off at the University and I had 15 errands to do with three kids in tow and no car, I promised them we would go...there...just to go up the a reward for powering through our errands with happy, helpful spirits.

The only problem was, when planning our errands and their location along the tram line, it all worked out best if we went...there...first. Eventhough I SWORE I would NEVER go.

And that was the beginning of the demise of the rest of my well-planned day. From that point on, everything was turned upside down.

upside down ride

We walked in, you know, "just to go up the tower," and it turns out, Rob was wrong, very, very, VERY wrong. After his meeting there, he told me "there are only three or four attractions--it's really NO BIG DEAL" (his exact words).

ferris wheel 2

But to three little kids, it is a very, very, VERY big deal.

And immediately I was assaulted by begging and pleading and more begging and promises...oh the promises my children made.

So, I thought, forget the tower, I will let each child ride ONE ride.

sam dragon

But then there were all the discussions about how everyone wants to do something different and it's more fun to go together and then...yep...more promises.

And in the end, I was weak. I caved.

hip hop full

swings 2

And I think we might all be a bit better for it, because going to an amusement park on the spur of the moment is a totally different experience than a planned trip to the amusement park.

fun house

Even Rob left work a bit early to join us and try out THE. BEST. FUN. HOUSE. EVER. I'm not ashamed to say, I actually peed my pants a little bit I laughed so hard in there.

ferris wheel capsule

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  1. I love Linnanmäki and so do my kids!!! Vekkula Fun House is our favorite! We have many funny stories about this fun house. When I was really little, I went there with my parents and my poor mother ripper her pants while trying to climb the crazy Vekkula stairs and had to go to the First Aid station to have them sewed back together. And what do you know, last time we were there in 2009 as a family, my husband ripped his pants right in the crotch on the same stairs! For the rest of the day he walked around with my daughters sweatshirt tied around his waist to hide the rip. It's a fun place! Anything can happen:-D