Saturday, June 23, 2012


As I mentioned in my last post, the Aland Archipelago is located between Sweden and Finland.

It is nothing short of amazing to move through the archipelago, from one tiny island to another on an impossibly quiet ship that seems to outsize many of the islands themselves.

Aland archipelago

Silja boat

Our rental cottage was located just outside the town of Mariehamn in a quiet little spot next to the sea. Given all of our reservations were made blindly, on-line, I was pleasantly surprised.

Aland cottage

What a view!

Aland cottage view

Aland cottage beach lily

As is customary in Finland, Aland and Sweden, the sauna was located next to the sea so that you can cool off after your sweat (THAT'S an understatement!) in the sea water.

Aland cottage sauna

Our rooms were small but comfortable (the kids pushed their beds together!)

Aland cottage kids bed

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