Monday, April 30, 2012

Back to the steps

I knew we had to return to the Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square in the spring.  (Remember the snowy steps back in January?)

helsinki cathedral

I love the contrast of the white church against that blue, blue Helsinki sky. I've honestly asked myself many times if it is possible for the sky to be bluer here than it is at home. It sure does seem like it is.

blue sky

This time, we peeked inside the church.



For a Catholic gal who's quite used to churches that are filled with religious art, the plain Protestant churches that I have visited here in Helsinki are quite stark. For example, this is my church at home:

Photo from St. Clements website.

Here is another view of the inside of the Helsinki Cathedral.  Quite a difference! 

plain church

But it's the outside of the church we were interested in anyway on this beautiful spring day.

sam in front of helsinki cath

This time, instead of sledders, the steps were filled with people eating ice cream (it was only 50 degrees Fahrenheit but hey, this is Helsinki, not Barcelona!)

lily in front of cathedral

By the way, for a photo hobbyist, taking photos in Finland is quite a challenge. I can never seem to escape the shadows...

joey in front of cathedral

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  1. Great pictures of your kids! They will make great mementos from Helsinki! Did you guys go on a Vappu picnic today? Anyone explain to you about the crazy Vappu festivities going on today and yesterday? We had our own BostonFinns Vappu party last Friday. A bit early since May 1st is not a Holiday here. Another Vappu party is coming up this Saturday at my friend's house. Happy Vappu!