Tuesday, April 3, 2012


There had to be a post about chocolate at some point! With the Easter bunny coming soon, this seemed as good a time as any!

Every country has its own kind of chocolate. England has Cadbury. Switzerland has Lindt. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good! Finland is no exception. Here, the preferred chocolatier is Fazer.

We all have our favorites.

Rob and I love the Geisha hazelnut variety.  Spoiler alert:  friends and family at home will most likely receive a box of this upon our return. 

Sam loves Dumles.  They are a sort of chocolate covered runny caramel.  Remember the candy parade?  That's when we had the opportunity to taste many different kinds of Finnish sweets. 

Joey prefers the fruity, chewy candies Fazer also makes. They make A LOT of candy!

Karl Fazer opened his first cafe in Helsinki over 100 years ago. Today, besides chocolate and other candies, they make bakery products and have a number of restaurants in several different countries. I'm no pulla expert, but they have some of the best in my opinion!

My American friend Stacy introduced me to our newest Fazer favorite.

Meet the Fazer Mignon Easter egg:

egg shell

Lovely, isn't she? That's a real egg shell, just in case if you are wondering.

egg one crack

And inside that real egg shell is real, solid chocolate. It is so much fun to peel it just as you would peel a hard boiled egg!

egg cracked

I was expecting mediocre chocolate. But actually, it was delicious! (And yes, I shared it with the whole family.)

egg bite

I hope the Easter bunny brings one for the kids!

Fazer egg


  1. Yum! Fazer is my all time favorite chocolate! Funny, I have been researching online since yesterday how to make homemade mignon chocolate eggs or hollow eggs with a surprise like Kinder eggs. Apparently the ones with the surpise inside are illegal here in the U.S. due to a chocking hazard. One of my Finnish friends brought over a bunch of Fazer mignon eggs and Customs at the airport broke every single one of the eggs, which was sad for the kids...So enjoy while you can still have them!

    1. Now why would they break they all? Thats just mean!