Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring has sprung

It's finally feeling a bit like spring here in Helsinki. 

The crocuses have been blooming for a while, the daffodils and jonquils look like they are ready to open any day.  There are buds on the trees, the temperature is in the high 40s and low 50s, it is raining and puddles are everywhere! 

We've turned in the snow pants in these here parts for rain pants. 

In fact, Lily has an entire rubber ensemble from head to toe. She's even got rubber mittens!

Since the ground at the park is mostly coarse sand/small pebbles, I'm all for this garb. It gets pretty messy after a few hours at the park and I can pretty much hose her down (well her clothes at least) as she walks in the door.

By the way, Finns' rain suits are much better looking than Lily's. Lily's suit was pulled together for mere Euros at various second hand stores in town. Most kids I see in our neighborhood have matching pants and coats (or, for younger kids, an all in one suit) and they reflect the Finnish design aesthetic, much more so than Lily's plan Jane mismatched rubber suit!

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  1. Oh, I think Lily looks adorable in her pink and blue rubber suit. You are smart to buy from second hand stores. Happy Spring!