Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter in Stockholm

We took off on an overnight cruise for Stockholm from Helsinki at 5 p.m. today.  The ship is like a mini cruise ship complete with restaurants, gambling, kids activities and duty free shopping (not that we're going to stock up on liquor and cigarettes or anything)! 

Silja 70s

Joey leaves Hel
Helsinki Cathedral in the background.

Helsinki 70s

This is the first "cruise" I've ever taken and for this family who almost always takes a car no matter where we travel, we were pretty easily entertained.

While the boys played Playstation in the mini man cave (thank goodness there were limits to the amount of time they could play).

Joey in man cave

Sam in the man cave

Lily played in the kiddie playground.

lily in ball pit

Oh, and Moomin and Little My were on board as well! Is it just me or is "Little My" a little scary in human form? 


More from Stockholm tomorrow.

(Some photos edited with Pioneer Woman's Seventies action.)

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